Training in Family Constellations

Training in Systemic Constellations (2019-2020)

About the training:

The annual training is intended for coaches, teachers, psychologists, therapists and other helping professions but also for the general public with a focus on personal development and self-knowledge. We teach all areas of life in training, and graduation has a positive impact on your personal and professional life. The training is left by the graduates who know their advice and are fully equipped to work with family constellations.

Before you begin the training, you do not need to have prior knowledge of constellation theory. Training can be repeated with a substantial discount.

Training of constellations takes place every year; you can ask for more information at


Preliminary dates in Prague for 2019:

Monday-Sunday 14-20 January 2019 Training - module 1 (CZK 14.000,-)

Monday-Sunday 12-18 August 2019 Training - module 2 (CZK 14.000,-)

Module 3 and 4, and a Special Seminar for Lecturers and Constellation Guides are scheduled for 2020. The third module will take place in a countryside (the price does not include accommodation and food). 

The modules are thematically linked and it is not possible to omit or skip any of them. Because it is a group-based work, you can move from one training group to another only exceptionally.

Modules are designed according to the model from the abroad.

Repetition of training is appropriate for improving constellation approaches, as Bert is constantly preparing new types of work for us and the method of constellations is constantly evolving. If you already have a constellation training with me, you get a discount on each module of CZK 3.000,-.

To receive the certificate, there is a need to attend a Special Consecration Seminar for lecturers and failitators. The seminar will be open after the 4th module and will take place in a countryside (there is no accommodation and food included).

I also recommend that during the training you participate in some regular seminars for the public. 

The lecturer Zdenka Tušková has been working with people for decades and has been a holder of a diploma for work with the method of family and systemic constellations since 2008. Change of dates and venue reserved.


Your application is valid for all 4 training modules. 



With this application you give consent to process your personal data for an unspecified period of time according to the law no. 101/2000 Coll. „Of protection of personal data“, following the later prescriptions.