Privacy Policy for clients

Mrs. Zdeňka Tušková, reg. no.: 64872076, with registered office at Prague 4, Mojmírova 1739/8, ZIP code 140 00, Czech Republic, and Equilibrium s.r.o., company reg. no.: 26419467, with registered office at Prague 4, Mečislavova 208/4, ZIP code: 140 00, Czech Republic (both referred to as "provider"), provide services in the field of personal development and self-knowledge and, for this purpose, they organize lectures, courses, trainings, seminars and trainings (all referred to as "educational events") not only for the general public but also for coaches, teachers, psychologists, therapists and others helping professions with a focus on personal development and self-knowledge. At the same time, the provider operates the site at As part of this activity, the provider processes the personal data of participants in educational events organized by the provider (hereinafter also referred to as the "client").


These privacy policies apply to clients. They provide basic and clear information about what personal data the provider is processing, for what legal reason, for what specific purposes it uses, to whom it can pass, and what the clients have in relation to the processing of their personal data.


The provider protects and treats any personal data processed against fraud in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, in particular in accordance with General Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data personal data known to the public as "GDPR".


What personal data does the provider process?

When organizing training events, the provider processes the following personal data:

  1. identification data - name and surname, date of birth;

  2. contact details - postal address, e-mail address, telephone number;

  3. information about the educational event to which the client reports or has completed, in particular information about the name and type of educational event, the date of the event, the method of payment of the educational event, whether the price of the educational event was paid in due time or not, information on whether the entrant participated in an educational event or not, information about complaints;

  4. indication of whether the client agrees to send commercial messages by e-mail,

  5. any other information the client provides to the provider.



For what purposes does the provider process the personal data?

Personal data of the client may be processed by the provider for the following purposes:

  1. the identification of the parties, performance of a contract concluded between the provider and the client, of which the purpose is the provision of an educational event, the record of the contract, the possible exercise of the rights and obligations of the parties resulting from the concluded contract;

  2. compliance with legal obligations, in particular obligations arising from accounting and tax legislation, including the transfer of personal data to the financial authorities or other public authorities in accordance with the relevant legislation;

  3. the protection of the legitimate interest of the provider, that is, the protection of his rights and the legitimate interests protected, such as protection against threatening or damaging behavior;

  4. the sending of commercial messages and the offer of services - the provider does so only after the client's consent has been granted and the client can withdraw at any time;

  5. handling requests sent via electronic forms or by e-mail or other communication route (for example, if you are interested in information about training events).

  6. In most cases, the provider processes personal data provided directly by the client in the application for an educational event.


Purpose of performance of the contract: Personal data will be processed from the date of submission of the application until the educational event and further for 10 years from the completion of the educational event or termination of the contractual relationship.

Purpose of fulfilling the legal obligations: for the period stipulated by the relevant legal regulation.

Purpose to protect the legitimate interest of the provider: for a maximum period of 4 years from the time of data processing, unless otherwise specifically provided for by specific legislation, or if there is no need to keep the data for a longer period in a given case.

Purpose of sending of commercial communications and offer of services by the provider: for the duration of consent to the processing of personal data, or to the withdrawal of consent to processing, possibly in accordance with Act No. 480/2004 Coll., On Certain Information Society Services and on Amendments to Certain Acts certain information society services), as amended.

Purpose of the requirements: for the time necessary to meet the requirement.


Who processes the personal data of the client?

All such personal data is processed by the provider as an administrator specifying in this Policy the defined purposes for which he or she manages the personal data, specifying the means of processing and appropriate for his or her proper execution. For the processing of personal data, the provider uses the services of other processors who process personal data only on the instructions of the provider and for purposes determined by the provider. Such processors may be:

  1. organizers of training events with which the provider cooperates,

  2. suppliers of information systems and technical infrastructure, webmaster,

  3. service providers in relation to bookkeeping and tax advice.

Provider shall provide sufficient technical and organizational security to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to, change, destruction or loss of personal data of clients, unauthorized transfers or unauthorized processing or other misuse. The provider does not transmit personal data of clients to third countries outside the European Economic Area.


What rights do a client have with the processing of personal data?

The client, as a data subject, has the following rights with respect to the processing of personal data, which he may at any time apply to the provider. In the case of repeated or manifestly unjustified applications for the exercise of the rights listed below (except for the right to lodge a complaint), the provider is entitled to charge a reasonable fee for resolving the claim or refuse the application.

Right of access to personal data: The client has the right to information on whether and how his data are processed by the provider, for what purpose and for what time, who is processing it, to whom it transfers it, and what other rights it has with the processing of its personal data. The client is entitled to ask the provider for confirmation of the processing of his personal data by the provider.

Right to data portability: In the case of client's personal data processed in electronic form on the basis of a contract or consent, the client may request their transmission in electronic form for the purpose of transferring them to a third party. If the exercise of this right adversely affects the rights and freedoms of others, the provider does not comply with this request.

Right to correct inaccurate and complete incomplete personal data: In the case of a client's finding that the personal data processed by the provider are inaccurate or incomplete, the client is entitled to request a correction or addition to be made by the provider without undue delay.

Right to deletion of personal data: The client has the right to have personal data deleted if the personal data are not necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed, or the client withdraws consent to the processing of personal data whose processing is necessary, the client opposes the processing of the objection, and there are no prevailing legitimate reasons for the processing of its personal data, or personal data are processed unlawfully.

Right to restrict the processing of personal data: In case the client requests a limitation on the processing of personal data, the provider will disclose personal data to the client or perform other processing operations so that the client's personal data are not subject to any further processing operations for a limited time. Restrictions will be made if the client denies the accuracy of personal data for the time necessary for the provider to verify the accuracy of his or her personal data; processing is unlawful and the client refuses to delete personal data and instead requests restrictions on their use; the provider no longer needs personal data for processing, but the client is required to identify, exercise or defend legal claims; during the investigation whether the client's objection to the processing of the client's personal data is justified.

Right to object to the processing of personal data: The client has the right to object to the processing of personal data, which occurs due to the legitimate interest of the provider. If the provider does not have serious legitimate reasons for such processing to continue, the provider will discontinue the customer's personal data on the basis of the objection raised.

Right to file a complaint: The client may lodge a complaint against the data processing provider with the Office for Personal Data Protection, Prague 7, Pplk. Sochora 27, ZIP code: 170 00, Czech Republic.


In any matter (not only the exercise of the above rights) related to the processing of client's personal data by the provider, the client may refer to Equilibrium s.r.o., with registered office at Prague 4, Mečislavova 208/4, ZIP code: 140 00, Czech Republcic, or Mrs Zdeněk Tušková, , Mojmírova 1739/8, ZIP code: 140 00, Czech Republic, tel.: +420 777 09 20 30, e-mail: Your request will be processed without undue delay, but no more than one month after delivery, unless it is an exceptional case.