Information for enrolment and payment

Information for enrolment:

One you have filled in an application form on our website, you will be emailed an automatical reply to the email address you stated in the form.  If you do not get this email, please check your spam bos or feel free to contact us. 

In this email you get information about the seminar and payment detais. Please send you payment for the seminar to the bank account. The ciscounted prices for te seminr is vaild only when you pay at least week before the seminar, the date when we receive your paymant, is always determining. If you enroll in a seminar later, bring a payment confirmation with you, which can be obtained in your internet banking, so that we prevent from any misunderstandings. 

If you register for more seminars, please pay for each one separately. 

After your payment is credited, you will receive a payment confirmation and your seat is oficcialy booked. 

Informtion for payment:

Bank account no: you will receive it in an automatic email, or you will be contacted by an organisator

Identification number/code: your telephone number

Note for recipient: name of the participant with a date of the seminar (otherwise we cannot find your payment)

Storno conditions here

You can cancell your application only by emailing the organisator stated in the application form. 

Send your payment at least 3 days after you have enrolled. If there is a higher interest in the seminar, we can then offer your place to another participant.  

Please, send your payment with respect to the fact that it is credited at least 4 days before the seminar. Payment in cash in place is not possible, because before the start of the seminar it the necessary to tune up and gathering at the seminar should not be disturbed by administrative tasks.

Applications for another person will not be accepted.