If I want to attend a seminar with someone else, do I have to fill in the application for each one separately? How about the payment?

Yes. Because of the GDPR, each participant has to sign in separately. One application applies to only one person, we also accept payments for each participant separately.

Can I as a foreigner attend your seminar if I do not speak Czech?

Yes. Arrange a translator for you or bring with you somebody who speaks also Czech and who can whisper the traslation so that it does not disturb anybody. A translator pays a half price for his/her presence in the seminar. 

How can I apply for a seminar? How can I pay for the seminar?

You can do so comfortably on our website in the section courses.  After you have filled in the application for, you are emailed an automatic reply, or an organiser will contact you, with details regarding the seminar and the payment. You can find more information here

What shall I bring with me? Will be there a lunch break?

You just neet to be in good mood. Be sure to come in socks. On all-day seminars there is a lunch break around 12:30-2 pm. Near the seminar venue there are some restaurants. 

Can I order a constellation in advance?

It is a seminar where the constellations are actively done on topics that participants will bring. As a rule, however, a constellation cannot be done for everybody. For capacitive reasons, it is not possible to do a constellation for all participants, nevertheless a constellation is done for most participants. Zdeňka chooses randomly and draws on the needs of the seminar so that it will bring benefits and lessons to all involved. Zdeňka does not doubt that those who are really in need of a constellation will have it. If you still want to build a constellation, please consider your participation in the seminar.

Can I book an individual consultation?

Yes, you can. More information here.

What if I have a lot of topics and I do not know which one to choose?

Such a situation is experienced by more people before the course, but most of them will clarify their topic directly during the course.

Can I address two topics at a seminar, such as family and partner relationships? Can participants ask questions?

Constelations are done on topics that participants will bring. The lecturer answers questions that participants will need to answer. Family constellation is a method that deals with all relationships in human life, so at the seminar you will receive the necessary information about your life theme that you are currently addressing. Of course, given the limited timeframe, it is not possible to solve everything immediately, but at least we will suggest the steps in which the family and partner relationships can be resolved.

Can I take a pet, eg. a dog with me?

Unfortunately you cannot, because of the possible allergies of one of the participants.

Can I have a seminar if I have menzes?

So far, we have not met in practice that menzes in the constellations was in vain. On the contrary, a woman is more sensitive at this time, so experiences can go deeper.

Can I have a constellation for my daughter/son?

Yes, but only if your children are minors, ie. 18+ years of age.

Can your seminars be attended by persons under the age of 18?

Unfortunately not, our seminars are available from the age of 18.

Can I attend only part of the seminar, eg. just arrive in the afternoon/morning?

If possible, come for the whole day, because the seminar has some continuity and everything that we will deal from the morning with will also concern you. Moreover, it is inappropriate for other participants to come just for a while because it is a group work.

Can I participate in your seminar if I am in a psychotherapeutic or similar cure?

Yes, you can, but only with the recommendation of your attending therapist or with his participation.

Can I tell you in advance what I want to change at the seminar? Can you send it via email?

Of course, it is possible to email me a brief description of your motivation for attending a constellation seminar, but I must say that I have never experienced my teacher Mr. Hellinger to do so, and I am not too much a friend of that. And that is because he encouraged us to proceed what the client needs now and here. But that does not mean that we will not deal with what troubles you the most (if you do a constellation that can not be ordered in advance). Another reason for my attitude is that I do not like to get influenced too much in advance because I always have to deal with the present. However, if you really need something important to say before the seminar, email me.

Do you recommend a family constellation seminar to a client who suffers from a panic discorder? By signing the statement, the participant confirms that he/she is not in psychotherapy and does not take medication. However, constellations can help.

Constellations really can help in various difficulties. The lecturer worked in a psychiatric hospital, where constellation work was always in the presence of a nursing psychiatrist. You can attend our seminar if your attending physician knows about that and if you receive a written recommendation from him/her that the constellation is suitable for you, or your attending psychician may attend a seminar with you (in this case, the doctor does not pay for the seminar). We take your problems seriously, and everything needs to be done to get the best for you.