Content of constellation seminars

Course content is based on work with constellations. Constellations are build up for the participants. The payment for the course is a payment for an attendance.

Each participant does not have to have their own constellation done. If participants are not aware of this fact, they should consider their attendance.

Constellations are experiential method of viewing to relations,
they are the way how to look at the place,
where the cause of problem is, how to get an important clue to its solution
and how to solve it in a comfortable way.
The method shows hidden power
that works and influences our life
it creates a space for refounding our personal strength,
accepting and enjoying our life to the fullest.
During one hour of constellation happen so many things
that normally would take years to be processed.


Before the course itself, you must fill in and sign a declaration form of self-responsibility. Without completing this, it is not possible to attend the course.

During the course it is forbidden to use drugs and alcohol.

To a constellation course you can bring food and drink, or more comfortable clothing and slippers. During the constellations there are snacks and lunch breaks.

The course/training participant participates only for the purpose of completing the course within the offered program. Expanding your advertising, promotion, or offering other activities to other subscribers is inadmissible.