Colour constellations?

10.7.2019 | Articles

The seminar is conducted in a manner known from classical constellations. Each participant will benefit from it for their personal development and will have a chance to understand their affairs.

Constellation seminars with colours

24.6.2019 | Articles

There are many ways to the knowledge, a number of methods of personal development. Family constellations find out whether the cause of our life difficulties is stemming from the family, dealing with its history and influence on our present life. On the other hand, constellations with colours are mainly concerned with what we are dealing with here and now without exploring the historical context of our family. Only in the present can we do something specific and stand up to the situation. The past has a great impact on us, but we often don't know what to do now. The colours will help to turn the energy and the forces acting against us into a positive and supportive moment. We get the wind in the back, because in the end, there is nothing else but to do with what is happening in our lives now.

Folk wisdom

24.4.2019 | Articles

Folk rhymes, songs and poems often best describe human life and the deep experiences of our ancestors. Folk creativity expresses itself even in dances.


18.4.2019 | Articles

What is development?


18.4.2019 | Articles

Colours in everyday life

18.4.2019 | Articles

Why do old people often go outside the pedestrian crossing?

6.3.2018 | Articles

Why do old people often go outside the pedestrian crossing?

Groom and bride

22.1.2018 | Articles

Wedding is a confirmation and a treaty of love for two people.

Medical care

22.1.2018 | Articles

I often meet people in esoterics who hold medicine in contempt. I have to say that I always encourage them not to rely solely on the alternative.


22.1.2018 | Articles

Children are successors of their predecessors' lives. They are full of joy and joyful expectations. They take their lives now and here and they learn. They are rising every day.


22.1.2018 | Articles

A woman focuses on the width. She has a different power in her family, where she takes care of nesting.


22.1.2018 | Articles

In a family, a man is a builder and represents the Yang forces in it.

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