Constellations for companies, concerns and organizations

Constellations for companies, concerns and organisations



Motto: “Each individual is part of the whole...and thus it influences and creates it.”

Each organism includes a lot of organs, which cooperate and create a balanced and functional whole. In each organ there are cells, which coopeare with each other and they are its basic building blocks. Once something functions wrong, a cause is in its cells or in a wrong cooperation among the organs. A wrong fuction - cooperation on whatever level can paralyse the whole organism and sometimes lead it to its decline. 

A company as a whole - "organism" also consists of individual parts - "organs" (divisions, sections, departmens, teams etc.) and these are created by indivituals - "cells" (leading workers, their deputies, team workers etc.). This is why all the individuals have to create a balanced whole together. For creating a balanced whole,  recognising each other, a will to communicate, understanding the power of the collective, a will to cooperate and be part of the whole organism - company - is fundamental. 


Looking forward to cooperation

 Zdeňka Tušková

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