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28.8.2016 | Interviews

S. Boura: Many of us hide themselves from ourselves or from others in bushes. Or somewhere else, but in any case we hide ourselves. And that’s why there are people who gather in one place to communicate with those who sometimes feel that they hide themselves from themselves or from others. What I am talking about is the esoteric fair.

M. Majerová: From Friday until Sunday, at Prague exhibition ground, this fair starts in Friday at 12 PM and really don’t miss it.

S. Boura: By the way, wonderful flowers.

M. Majerová: Wonderful.

S. Boura: That’s just by the way. And attentive viewers of the studio Pelmel have already known very good that from Monday until the end of Friday we have here people who are worth listening to, intensively.

M. Majerová: Because they know more then we others, at least usually. For example now. A chairman of the Graphologic Alliance of the Czech republic, misses Zdenka Tuskova. Good afternoon.

S. Boura: Hello.

Zdeňka: Good afternoon.

M. Majerová: We are heading right to you. That's not all of course. You have studied psychotherapy in Germany, then you have worked as a graphological judicial expert and now you have many interests.

S. Boura: And I'll read it. What about graphology, many of us don't know much about it.

M. Majerová: At least we have heard that name.

S. Boura: We know what's going on, but now keep attention. Methods used by Zdenka Tuskova: Family and systemic constellations. Do you know this?

M. Majerová: Well, I have an idea what it is, but definitely it isn't clear.

S. Boura: Systemic constellations and couching, I mean company, family and individual constellations. Or courses of self-developmnet. Positive psychotherapy. But what is a method of One-brain?

M. Majerová: I would put it – and graphology – in order. Constellations, these are repeated the most times.

S. Boura: You have a lot of it here, but these constellations, what could this mean.

Zdeňka: Well, it has a brode range, that's true, but I have been occupied with these methods for more then thirty years. So it piles up. But what constellations really are, in this time it is, here in the Czech republic, a new method, not very common, but it is very interesting. Through constellations you can see under a surface of things. People very often avoid reality, what really is going on. And they do it because they live in illusions or we live in illusions to be correct. We see what we want to see, we don't want to see what is. And so on. And it is especially because we avoid pain, we fear resolutions of various things. And constellations are a good method to find these resolutions of some concrete problems. And it is interesting that everything that can be seen as a system, we can work with through constellations.

S. Boura: Missis Zdenka, is it something like psychotherapy? It should bring me to the reality which I don't realize? But I don't know what reality really is.

Zdeňka: Yes, but in that case we would head to a philosophical debate, how many realities exist. But this our real one. It is a phenomenological approach, it is not psychotherapy, even when many psychotherapists won't agree with me now because in fact constellations comes mainly from psychology and they can be used in a psychotherapy of course. Because a man can create his view on a certain situation and that is what psychotherapist needs. But the founder of this method himself says that it is not a psychotherapy. And if so, it would be in original meaning of that word, and that means a service. It is a service. I can offer to a man a service so he could see under a surface of his problem and there he can take what he doesn't see, name it, realize it and this opens him doors for a solution, he gets a chance to resolve something what he couldn't resolve by himself.

M. Majerová: And missis Zdenka, it really affects all types of problems or is there any field that cannot be solved by constellations?

Zdeňka: I can speak only for myself. Everything what I am able to imagine as a system which consists some parts, all that can be treated through constellations. For example a body, that is a system which is composed of organs, these are certain parts. Or a soul, you can imagine it consisting of parts as an inner female, inner male, inner child or inner adult. All these parts have certain contents, they behave in some way, somehow communicate, have relations with each other. I can position certain systems as companies which consists of an owner, a boss, an accounter, other employees as suppliers, various relations. Just everything we can deal with as a system. That word constellation – in original meaning it is a configuration of stars. So every star constellation looks differently, but in any case it is a system which contains certain parts and a sum of these parts, it is not only the amount of parts but they affect each other and everything is multiplied. Relations are very serious and complex thing.

S. Boura: Missis Zdenka, yes... Many of us may understand what you are saying here but many of us not. It is possible in some way... I don't want to say directly show, but... realize some constellation for example?

M. Majerová: Indicate how is it done?

Zdeňka: I would mention first a little bit that in fact a constellation may be done individually, but that is mainly through interview and work with genograms, for example family ones – a family is a system also which contains a father, a mother, children and grandparents, so for example with family problems. But we can also work with a group of people and it is interesting those people might don't know each other at all, but over that they can show by creating a configuration... we do a configuration of those parts, for example representatives of certain family members and we put them somewhere in an area, so that a client can see his inner picture.

S. Boura: We are moving on a bit, because...

M. Majerová: Missis Zdenka, I have an idea, that means, every time when a man goes to constellations he has a problem, otherwise he wouldn't go here, so I have for example a problem. In fact I really have it. I think that many women have this problem too in this season of the year, I cannot lose weight and that is because I'm inconsistent, I know it, but I don't know how to change it. We can indicate here what would you do with me if I came to you?

Zdeňka: Firstly I would like to know, why do you think you cannot lose weight? Do you often go inside a fridge during nights or which way it takes place?

M. Majerová: I try to be on various diets and well I am not consistent and I never keep it and the weight goes down for a little bit but then it goes up again.

Zdeňka: I see. So you want to look on why you cannot keep a diet?

M. Majerová: Yes.

Zdeňka: Good.

M. Majerová: Jesus. On live, yes?

S. Boura: Of course, we have prepared it a little with missis Zdenka, I cannot say exactly. Aneta and Vladimir sit there and so we could somehow, how to say it, broach it?

M. Majerová: Indicate?

S. Boura: Just indicate?

Zdeňka: A constellation takes a longer time and it's necessary to have an adequate environment. It's like I should show you an operation of blind gut as a surgeon, it's not possible.

S. Boura: You know what, it's not because of Marketa, but for a better understanding also for our viewers, to understand what that constellation means as a result.

Zdeňka: Yes.

M. Majerová: Shall we stand up or keep sitting?

Zdeňka: You have a certain system of conviction, you behave somehow. And also you have a projection how your body should ideally looks like. Women for sure... So many women desire such an ideal body shape and this problem is just very common, that one cannot keep the diet. So it's necessary to find which part of the personality and what is their attitude to diets. That means that if you cannot keep the diet, there is probably one part which wants it to keep and another one which defends to it.

S. Boura: Some kind of inner schizophrenia... an argue of those Is in us.

Zdeňka: We argue... Those inner voices „open a fridge, take a food..”

S. Boura: Let's elaborate it a little bit, I am curious of that argues, because I think that many of us, not just our viewers, but generally as men, we live under continuous pressure of some cummunities and so on and that we all the time argue inside.

Zdeňka: So Marketa, we need representatives for your inner parts.

M. Majerová: Good.

Zdeňka: We need two representatives, can we have another one, third one?

S. Boura: Over there are those two and I am the third one.

M. Majerová: Come to me someone.

Zdeňka: Ok, so Slavek will be the third one. So we need three persons and those three persons may stand here, just like this next to each other.

S. Boura: Aneta, Vladimir.

Zdeňka: And Slavek. And Marketa, you come here next to me. And in constellations we search the exact place, the exact place for a certain part. So choose one from these representatives who you don't have to know, one for yourself, for your ego, one for that part which wants to keep a diet and the second one for that part which doesn't want to keep any diet.

M. Majerová: Ok. Is it enough if I say it only?

Zdeňka: It is enough if you show me who is who.

M. Majerová: So me, it will be Aneta, that part which doesn't want to keep any diet will be Slavek and that part which wants to keep diet, it will be Vladimir.

Zdeňka: Yes. So you want to keep a diet, Slavek, please come to stand here. Well and now, you need to focus each other, tune up together and mainly focus your legs for you to be on the ground and you need not to think much about a picture you create. That means, you take that first person for her shoulders, focus on your legs, u can even shut your eyes and you let your legs to lead you. You let me to lead you. And you place them somewhere in this area, anywhere. Can I ask you to go back?

S. Boura: And does it have any reason then? I don't want to get ahead, I am just curious.

Zdeňka: Then I will work. And representatives have to be in absolute silence and calm.

S. Boura: Relaxed.

Zdeňka: Relaxed.

M. Majerová: And I will take my representative.

S. Boura: So Marketa manipulates?

Zdeňka: Well for yourself, for your ego.

M. Majerová: Ok, so I would put her here.

Zdeňka: Yes, but you mustn't to think about it. Intuitively.

M. Majerová: Ok. And that is.

Zdeňka: And this is that part which doesn't want to. Fine, thank you.

M. Majerová: And what arises from it?

Zdeňka: And as my client stand somewhere aside and you will only watch.

M. Majerová: Yes.

Zdeňka: You just stay for a while. And I will repeat: for your ego, for that part which wants to keep a diet.

S. Boura: I am a loss of weight.

Zdeňka: A part which wants to lose a weight. And this one which doesn't want to. And I will ask the representative for your ego, how do you feel at this place?

I: As in the first place.

Zdeňka: As in the first place, yes, thank you.

S. Boura – Part that wants to lost weight: Do you ask me also how do I feel?

Zdeňka: You see...

S. Boura – Part that wants to lost weight: I am a little bit askew.

Zdeňka: You are askew... You are watching your ego.

S. Boura – Part that wants to lost weight: Yes, it is a little bit smaller... I don't know right now how I should answer, what I should feel, how I should feel it...

Zdeňka: Well, how you feel at this place. Just only what you see, that you have someone behind you. Do you sense him?

S. Boura – Part that wants to lost weight: It is unpleasant that Vladimir stands behind me...

Zdeňka: This part says it is unpleasant that he stands behind it... And this part, it means you, how do you feel?

Part that doesn't want to lost weight: So I feel somehow inflated.

Zdeňka: I see. Big.

Part that doesn't want to lost weight: Too much.

Zdeňka: Too much big.

S. Boura – Part that wants to lost weight: And now I don't know... If just... Vladimir, do you really feel inflated?

Part that doesn't want to lost weight: I really have some feeling of tight. It may be because of these lights...

S. Boura – Part that wants to lost weight: We are in unnatural area so if it has some... no.

M. Majerová: And now, what does this all mean?

Zdeňka: So, because we really can just indicate a constellation...

S. Boura: Yes, indicate it only.

Zdeňka: So you can see that something is starting to happen. I would ask Slavek to stay calm and don't control it here. Did you hear what this part said? How do you feel about it?

I: Somehow naturally, I feel it this way also, it is arrenged this way.

Zdeňka: I belongs to you. Thank you.

S. Boura – Part that wants to lost weight: What do I feel?

Zdeňka: Does it lead you somewhere or do you want to stay at your place? You can move if you want.

S. Boura – Part that wants to lost weight: Can I move?

Zdeňka: But very slowly so others have time to react. Find your place.

S. Boura – Part that wants to lost weight: Here somehow.

Zdeňka: Do you want to move somewhere?

Part that doesn't want to lost weight: For sure, I am moving already.

Zdeňka: Do you see what is happening inside you? Can you see it? That is your behavior. This part moves back.

M. Majerová: That one which wants to loose a weight.

Zdeňka: That one which wants to loose a weight. That is exactly what happens inside you and what happens inside many other women. But why? What has changed inside you now?

I: I think I am not that self-confident now.

Zdeňka: You are not that self-confident now. So it is connected somehow with self-confidence.

M. Majerová: Jesus...

Zdeňka: So we would have chosen another representative for self-confidence and this representative would have behaved somehow.

S. Boura: And this is the way you build a constellation.

M. Majerová: And I understand now.

Zdeňka: You do understand. Than you all very much.

S. Boura: I thank you, Aneta and Vladimir.

Zdeňka: Thank you very much, you were splendid.

M. Majerová: Missis Zdenka, come to sit here.

S. Boura: Now we need it to absorb of course so we could discuss it and focus on another part of our talk with missis Zdenka Tuskova. We'll play a great song and then we will come back, ok?

M. Majerová: Yes, please.

S. Boura: You feel like one starts to notify that he is not just one inside himself but there are many of us, well, I mean inside us, that there are many of Bouras I have inside. I don't know if five, seven, I can learn it from my feelings if I have one feel or another. And before a moment we made a constellation with Marketa. Is Marketa calm now? Has she catch her breath?

M. Majerová: Well, Marketa breaths deeply but she will discuss it more with missis Zdenka Tuskova. This won't let me through just like that.

S. Boura: By the way, missis Zdenka Tuskova, you can meet here and directly connect with her energy, feel and see at fair of esotericism.

M. Majerová: Which takes place from Friday to Monday at Prague exhibition grounds.

S. Boura: By the way, missis Zdenka, when?

Zdeňka: On Saturday at 10am. And on Friday at 2pm I have a lecture and on Saturday at 10am I have four-hours workshop where you can experience constellations.

S. Boura: Which we have tried here a little.

Zdeňka: This was a constellation of inner voices.

S. Boura: We are at very unnatural environment, many cameras, light and so on. How do you feel now?

M. Majerová: Well, that you are guilty.

S. Boura: I see! Wait, you said it during that song, didn't you?

M. Majerová: No, but you were that self-confident part which moved behind my ego.

S. Boura: How should we understand this, missis Zdenka?

M. Majerová: Missis Zdenka said that she doesn't want to disuss here on TV that it is for personal conversation.

S. Boura: Good. But anyway, some parts can be generalized. That means, if I understand it well... I think I understand it from man's view. It is some kind of chessboard and you emotionally... in fact not you, you are just mediator of that, so others could emotionally, I mean those parts of us could move on that chessboard and from that you...

Zdeňka: It is to show how they move.

S. Boura: And from that how they stand, you can conclude how I stand to myself.

Zdeňka: Yes, that was in case of Marketa now, but we work for example with a family system. So if relationships in family are somehow broken, we take roles of other family members, we identify with something what is not ours, we live destinies which are not ours, we take them, we follow them. It is similar, when you asked me, to our body. You know that for example we have a problem with kidney, it starts to fail, what the other part does, what the other kidney does? It starts to subsidize a function of the first one. In every system parts subsidize each other and try to reach homeostasis. It the same for our soul, our body, our family, company...

S. Boura: But kidney, it is paired organ, on the other hand, I feel the soul as single.

Zdeňka: Yes, look, kidney is really paired organ, but the truth is that if one part starts to fail and the second one also, so their function starts to subsidize a heart, you have higher blood pressure and so on. So it affects even more organs. A heart, I think, can hardly subsidize a function of kidney. And there are parallels in families, so it happens that some child who is the weakest part of a family, of course, takes the role of father or his mother, but it is not his issue. For example during divorce, during parents' conflicts exactly those children take something which is not theirs and what they cannot solve and so then they are aggressive in schools.

S. Boura: I think it's clear. Missis Zdenka, now tell me, in fact, if I understand it that many of your clients come to you because they need to solve some isssues, fix them, but for example some problems one doesn't even wants to admit.

Zdeňka: That's why we position an inner image so that a client can see it even if he doesn't want to and tries to avoid it. He would have no problem, if he didn't avoid it, if he saw the reality as it is. Because life itself may handle many things.

M. Majerová: It's behind me and I saw that picture, it is very effective.

Zdeňka: It is effective. You don't have only a view on what happens, you can also experience it, those emotions which are blocked inside. That's what you have to experience and no one can describe it in words.

M. Majerová: I am wondering what are common grounds for graphology and constellations.

Zdeňka: That's how I came to constellations. Because I was interested in.. or I am interested in, that's crucial field of my activities, handwriting, a psychology of handwriting. And there is possible to see it in a form which one man chooses, because that form is always individual – we all were taught to write in the same form but we all write differently- so from that individual form and from moves we can clearly see what happens to a man and you can see there basics of his character, his attributes, skills, talents and also those uncomfortable sides and also what a man has in his subconscious mind. And that's exactly how we work in constellations, because we also look differently on a form, a proportion, a motion of those parts or those representatives and from that and from gestures we conclude exactly as in graphology. So it may seem to not be connected, but these disciplines are connected.

S. Boura: So friends, ladies and gentlemen, that was the president of the Graphologic Alliance of the Czech republic and also a specialist for systemic, family and company constellations and other things. By the way, you can find this interesting woman on a Fair of Ezoterics from 17th to 19th march in Prague in Industrial palace.

M. Majerová: Missis Zdenka Tuskova.

S. Boura: Thank you.

M. Majerová: Thank you very much.