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Following seminars of family constellations:

5. 8. 2017 Prague (More)
13. 8. 2017 Brno (More)
20. 8. 2017 Ostrava (More)
23. 8. 2017 Jičín (More)
2. 9. 2017 Prague (More)
3. 9. 2017 Rudolfov near Č. Budějovice (More)
10. 9. 2017 Brno (More)
20. 9. 2017 Sebuzín near Ústí nad Labem (More)
28. 9. 2017 Jičín (More)
1. 10. 2017 Ostrava (More)
8. 11. 2017 Sebuzín near Ústí nad Labem (More)
4.-6. 5. 2018 Camp in countryside - Sibřina near Prague (More)

Programme of lectures and seminars organised in the Slovak Republic can be found here.

Intensive Training in Systemic Constellations in 2018

Under Intensive Training in Systemic Constellationsyou can find a schedule for the training in 2018 and you can enrol there in the training which will take place in 2018 and learn more information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Systemic family constellations

Brief description:
Constellations are a method of spiritual development that allows a peek at the hidden forces of the system (family, business, employment ....) and correlate these forces so as to act in favor of the client.

Detailed description:
The founder of the method is a German lecturer Bert Hellinger. Constellation or a disposition are working with representatives of the client set up at demarcate space in relationships, as it corresponds to his inner image. The client can thus make a preview and analysis. Representatives feel what is happening beneath the surface and are prompted by the teacher to express their words. Often this occurs as an emotional release. The trainer leads constellation so that using gestures or Ritual phrases release blocks in the constellation. Constellation usually ends when it was found a good solution for everyone involved.

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