4.-6.9.2009 Prague

6.9.2009 | Stories from the constellations

Marie, 43 years, is now ready to become mother for the second time. She has a 13 years old son and she would like to have another child with her current husband. However her fear restrains her. She fears that she would be left alone to raise her child. The past also comes into the foreground of the story – Marie had four abortions, twins in one case.

The constellation shows that her firs unborn child is very dependent on her. The second child hurts its hearth, feels disappointment and repulse to what she has done. The third child wants to get to its unborn siblings. The twins, her last abortion, are apathetic and careless.

The goal of the constellation is a conciliation, to accept all her abortions so Marie wouldn’t be hindered in her next pregnancy. Even though she is the culprit in the system, she feels to be a victim. There is a healing phrase: “You have your place here by me, I keep you in my hearth.”

And the energy of the story can change...