12.-14.2.2010 Bratislava

12.2.2010 | Stories from the constellations

Jana, 32 years, came to the workshop to solve her relations and make up her mind whether to stay with her husband and children or to live with her boyfriend that nobody knows about. She would rather be divorced however the constellation shows something else.

The husband stands quite outside the family and feels to by alone in the constellation. However, he is used to women who don’t see him. It appears that his grandfather was killed violently and husband’s mother hasn’t dealt with it yet. Nonetheless, she has to accept the culprit of death so all confusions and stresses disappeared.

The situation in the whole family changes and both spouses can start again with a strong background and support of their ancestors.

The new partner of Jana enters in the constellation but the power of the family pushes him away and even her family doesn’t like him.

Jana has got a view of her situation, however she has to decide by herself...