An Interview with Zdeňka Tušková for the Štěstíčko Bookshop - september 2016

2.9.2016 | Interviews

Interview transcript:

1. Short introduction

1. First I would like to thank you for inviting me. My name is Zdeňka Tušková and I am from Prague, Czech Republic. I have dealt with the method of family constellations for 12 years.


2. How did you come across constellations?

2. As everything important in my life, even this was a big coincidence. My original occupation was graphology. But this means that according to a handwriting, you can exactly find out the nature of a person, but those people used to say “I had idea about what I am like, but what can I do with that?”.

So I started seeking, I studied a lot of method including psycho-therapy, but it was not the right thing. But then I came across fonstellations. Immediately, I became interested in it and I knew this is the right method for me.


3. What are constellations exactly? Can you sum it up?

3. Hardly, who has not experienced that cannot imagine what it is, but I can try to explain that. It is an experience method and the experience itself is nontransferable.

The proper term for the method is systemic constelations, because as the term says, we work with a system. However, the term family constellations became usual, because we mostly work with a family system. It is a phenomenological method, so we focuse on phenomena, which occur in constellations and we are working with that depending on the phenomena.

Constellations work either in a group, or individually with a single person. Mostly we work with a family, partnerships, asl well as with a company or hypothetic systems like a screenplay.

In every family, hidden dynamics has effects, hidden energies and these eenergies tie family members together o strongly, that we often are not free and we repeat fates of our ancestors even in the case we did not know them. Consciously, but even unconsciously we have an idea of our family, which predetermines how we will be living. Arranging this inner picure can halp us to show these hidden energies and dynamics of common conscience, because what is unconscious is leading us, what is conscious is led by ourselves.


4. How is it organised, how does it work?

4. First a group of people get together, usually we are sitting in a circle which defines a space, where a constellation will be set. Those, who want to set their own constelaltions, have define their problem and tell me what they want to be changed. This is the most difficult for the client very often, but I help him with that. Sometimes there are more orders together, this is often the case of women, but I cannot work with this. I need only one target to hit, only one order.

Then the client choses representatives for his family, company atd, according to what we are dealing with. Now, I am going to explain the situation of a family. So, he chooses for example representatives for his father, mother, himself and his siblings. He takes a representative's shouldersand leads him intuitively to a plase where he feels the representative is on firm ground. He must not be thinking about it, he must do that according to his feelings. So he arranges all the representatives into their relations, then he sits down and does not step in the constellation.

We can see what is going on with the faily members. It can happen that the parents are standing back to back, or a representative can be standing on the edge of the system and is being pulled out, and so on. A client is looking at this picture and I let the representatives to feel their position. Then I ask the representatives how they are feeling, and if they are noot feeling good in the position, they can move. Here it is important what tendencies are in the family, and this picture is important for the client.

Then I am working with the represenatives so that I find words and sentences, which describe their situations and which are uttered in the constellations. We call these utterances the ritual sentences and they can change the representatives' feelings but even the whole situation in the constellation. Sometimes we use gestures, such as a bow in case there is not enough respect.

I am also looking for everyone participating their right place and trying to fix what is not working. The client is watching the situation and the sitoation has effects on him. Finally I ask him to take over the role from his representative, so that he can feel what effects it has on him. Mostly the constellation open his eyes and he has the following wind. The constellation shows him the way.


5. Why should be set a constellation? And who should not set it at all?

5. We can set a constellation on any topic, if a lecturer can see it as a system, which consists of parts. Reasons can be different. I am looked up by those people who cannot solve their problems by usual means.

I would not recommend a constellation to underage people. I always want a client to to assume responsibility for himself. If there is a problem with a child, I work with his parents. And it follows that I do not work with psychiatric clients or with people who are currently in a psycho-therapy. I can work with them if there is a therapis is present, respectively. I used the method of family constellations in a psychiatry, where it was very popular.

I do not do constellations for people who can influence others. For example, 'change my husband's nature' etc.


6. What principles Jaké principy působí v konstelacích?

6. This would take a long time to explain it, but I will try to be short. The basis is a principle of belonging together, a principle of a balanced giving and taking, and a principle of a time hierarchy. If these principles are not flauted, love in the system can flow. But a whole book can be written about that.


7. Can you briefly sum up what our most common reason of ours problems are?

7. Again very briefly. It is often a blind love, which cannot accept life as it is along with everything which belongs to it. Or a pain, which people avoid and it returns back to them by an indirect route and it reaches their descendants. A lack of a common respect or humility occurs very often.


8. What impact have the constellations?

8. It is only a method and it is as good as the one who practises it. It has several impacts. First, a client can have a look at his situation, which he can better understand. Second, feelings are released, even those which are systemicaly taken over. And third, the problem often disappears. We do not know the reasons why this happens, but experiences say it happens, even if the integration of a constellations takes sometimes several years.

9. Where can the listeners meet you?

9. I travel around the whole Czech Republic and my courses are organised also in the Slovak Republic. Moreover, I lead a training of lecturers in constellations. The listeners can visit or


10. Whould you like to leave a message for the listeners?

10. Live happily!