Zdeňka Tušková

My name is Zdeňka Tušková, I live in Prague and I am a mother and a grandmother. Last year I celebrated my 60th birthday. It's the age of thinking over myself and what I've done in my life. I have had a number of spiritual teachers and teachers, but the greatest teacher was my life for me.

I have been working as a lecturer for constellations for 14 years, and I am very happy with my work. When I started, in addition to progressive and spiritually oriented people, only few pleople knew what constellations really were. In the former times of constellations, I patiently explained to each person what constellation they can and how they can help. I undoubtedly promised the method. I now recapitulate and also work on my personal changes (including lifestyle changes) that are more or less successful. And I'm very happy about it.

I also consider what else to do in my professional life. I would like to make constellations on special topics that people will be interested in and which can move people on their way. I perceive the constellation, but also the spiritual methods in general, as a service for the seekers that I would like to accompany on a short walk.

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